Aaron Paus

Aaron Paus has been farming since 2000. Armed with an ag-econ degree from the University of Nebraska, he farms 4500 acres — 95 percent corn, five percent soybeans.

Aaron has worked with Jeremy McCroden of AgVenture of Nebraska for over ten years, which drives the operation to new insights year after year. Recently, Jeremy nominated Aaron for the AgVenture Discovery Group to explore new high-yielding techniques and strategies.

The men also have help from Aaron’s wife, Venissa, who is very active in the operation. “She's the cattle prod that makes sure all the stuff I talk about actually happens,” Aaron says. Together they have five kids, ranging from 6 to 15 years old. Though it’s hard to know what the future holds, they’re building a legacy — not only for their children, but beyond.

Farm Data That Makes A Difference

Using Precision Data to Raise Yields

Every year, we track data on our fields and soil types, looking at factors like population, fertilizer and nitrogen applications. In the winter when we do our planning, we look at the results from the previous season and compile them with data from past years. I sit down with the AgVenture team and look at the issues we know affected us.

Spring Planting Decisions in Nebraska

We’ve been pretty productive since last fall. We went hard preparing the fields, and we started planting at a reasonable time — around April 15. I wasn’t in a hurry, because we were working on our planter and waiting for the right field conditions. For a while, our fields were nice and moist in some areas, but for the most part, we were plenty dry. We had snow on the first week of February — about 15 inches — and we barely had a thing since, so had about two months with negligible moisture. It’s very unusual.

Preparing for the 2016 Season

We survived the holidays just fine, and right now we’re just wheelin’ and dealin’ and trying to reinvent ourselves to survive the new economy.

From a research and discovery standpoint, things aren’t quite laid out yet, but we’re close. We’ve met with Jeremy and we’ve got our seed figured out, but we need to figure out some details going forward. I’m actually on the road right now to Illinois to meet with an AgVenture agronomist, so we’ll have a better idea after that.

Focus on Agronomy

Harvest Insights and Working with Remote Soil Probes

We got harvest wrapped up on the 28th of October, which is very early for us. Usually we finish harvest around the 7th to 10th of November, but we didn’t have any rain delays this year. Normally we’re waiting on dry air and fighting rains, but this year it was impossible to harvest corn fast enough.

Making a Decision on the Farm Bill: One Farmer’s Reactions in Nebraska

The Farm Bill deadline is coming up at the end of February, and I think most people are up and counting on the ARC option. But the bigger question is whether or not to change any of the base acres. Everybody has to update yields, but it’s probably split down the middle as far as whether they’ll change base acres or not.

Nebraska: Prioritizing Strategies for the New Season

Current Conditions

Right now we’re overcast and foggy — it’s kind of a miserable day. I’m doing a couple of maintenance things and paperwork, just trying to get ready for the season.

We had a couple big snowstorms roll through a few weeks, but it was pretty typical of our winters — the first one was probably 6 inches, the second one was maybe another 3–4. It was a wet snow, and we’ve had nice weather since so a lot of it’s gone now.


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