Crop Development Update

Submitted by Jeff Shaner, Product & Technology Manager (Eastern Cornbelt, Southern Delta, East Coast)/Soybean Product Lead

After about 2 weeks sitting in cool ground, our first planted corn is ready to roll locally here with the warm weather we have this week.  The lows were moderate during this period, so I am expecting no trouble with emergence.  Any Midwesterners have soybeans planted during that early stretch??

Planters again doing major duty today and the bulk of our seed is going in the ground this week.

Planting Patience

May 3, 2013 - Submitted by the AgVenture Agronomy Team

With a delay in the planting season in most of our areas, it’s important to keep your patience and stay the course for raising an exceptional corn and soybean crop.  It's all about EAR and POD count regardless of the calendar or " price per bushel".

The number # 1 priority is proper soil conditions.

Regardless of what the weather does, we need to do the right things.

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