Way down yonder in the land of cotton, er, make that corn and soy

If you are hoping another part of the country has a crop failure so your market price goes back up on corn and soybeans, it won't be the southern Delta coming to your rescue.  I just spent 3 days there this week and the corn crop is solid, the bean crop is awesome in LA, MS, AR.  Early soy yields in Louisiana are 85 to 90 bpa, with good farms at 110!

Crop Development Update

Submitted by Jeff Shaner, Product & Technology Manager (Eastern Cornbelt, Southern Delta, East Coast)/Soybean Product Lead

After about 2 weeks sitting in cool ground, our first planted corn is ready to roll locally here with the warm weather we have this week.  The lows were moderate during this period, so I am expecting no trouble with emergence.  Any Midwesterners have soybeans planted during that early stretch??

Planters again doing major duty today and the bulk of our seed is going in the ground this week.

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