Jeff Morse

Located in the fertile Loess Hills near Council Bluffs Iowa, farming is in Jeff’s blood. He farms about 1200 acres of corn and soybeans on some of the rarest and richest soil around — Loess soil. He also runs a growing cattle operation, anticipated to reach 180 head by the end of the year, with calves to follow.

Ask Jeff about his background, and he’ll say he has an agronomy degree in the school of hard knocks. Now Jeff is passing on his hard-earned knowledge to his sons, who are the fifth generation to take on the charge. Both sons are taking on greater roles in the operation this year — one fresh out of college and the other two years deep into the farming practice.

Jeff’s partner to success is AgVenture Yield Specialist Denny Kasperbauer, whom he considers more of a personal friend than a business partner. Together they’ve set their sights on raising an average corn crop of 300-bushels per acre — or better.

Working with Loess Soil

Around here, we don't use any irrigation at all. We depend on Mother Nature for all of our moisture, and it works well for us. Our soil holds a lot of moisture — about 2 inches per foot of water. So it takes about 20 inches a year to grow a crop of corn, and corn roots will go down approximately 5 or 6 feet. If your soils aren't too compacted, they might even go 7, 8 or 9 feet. So if you looking at starting out with 2 inches a foot, then you're looking at only needing about 6 to 8 inches; and maybe and you're sitting all right. That’s a nice advantage to have.


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