“We’re going to have our biggest corn crop ever”

The cooler-than-normal summer hasn’t got me concerned, but I don’t think it’s helped my beans any. I would have liked to see it a little warmer for my crop, but at least we’ve been staying dry.

We’re seeing sudden death showing up bad in the beans, and it’s hitting one of my varieties pretty hard. And there are bugs in the beans if you haven’t been spraying insecticide regularly. Other than that, we’re just patiently waiting for the aphids to get here so we can spray again, but hopefully they won’t affect my crop since I have longer-maturing beans. We’ve been learning and going longer and longer, and the longer maturity we go, the higher the yield goes.

I’d say, from the way things look now, we’re going to have our biggest corn crop ever. And as long as the sudden death doesn’t get too bad, we’ll have our biggest bean crop ever. It’s a pleasant change for us around here.

With the cooler summer, we’re going to be pushed back a little bit for harvest. I would say we’ll start in late September. So right now we’re just getting some fall tillage equipment ready before getting stuff out of the ground.