Making up for lost ground

Most of our replant has just now completed on pollination, and it’s just starting to fill. Our crop has really made up for a lot of lost ground, I think because we’ve had really great heat and moisture, which is helping convert nutrients to corn, no doubt.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but hopefully Jack will stay away ‘til the first of December. Or at least hopefully we get a late frost.

For harvest, we’ll probably have the beans out before we even start thinking about corn. With the corn, it’s probably going to be at least the first of November — that’s about 4-6 weeks later than we usually start harvest. If a freeze comes, who knows. I don’t even want to think about that scenario.

But we have been lucky in terms of insect and disease pressure. The corn seemed like it was all late enough that we haven’t had too much as far as weeds. We have had a little northern corn leaf blight here and there, and there have been a few cases of Japanese beetles, but nothing major. We haven’t heard of any wild outbreaks of aphids or anything. I think the rain might have put kind of a damper on that too. The bugs don’t like the rain as much as they do when it’s dry. You have tradeoffs. When you have it dry, the bugs come too. But when you have it wet, it’s just wet.