Way down yonder in the land of cotton, er, make that corn and soy

If you are hoping another part of the country has a crop failure so your market price goes back up on corn and soybeans, it won't be the southern Delta coming to your rescue.  I just spent 3 days there this week and the corn crop is solid, the bean crop is awesome in LA, MS, AR.  Early soy yields in Louisiana are 85 to 90 bpa, with good farms at 110!

Market price is not under your control.  Forget about it.  Each year you will grow corn and soybean crops whether prices are up or down.  Do the things that you can control, utilize the training and help your AgVenture Yield Specialist has that will make you more bushels per acre.

Peace and MPS

Jeff Shaner, AgVenture's Product and Technology Manager