AgVenture, Inc. Intern/Trainee Workshop Series Deemed a Huge Success

KENTLAND, IN (August 18, 2014) – In a two-day event held in Moline, Illinois, AgVenture, Inc. (AVI) held the last in a series of three intensive workshops for the 2014 Summer Interns and Trainees. Throughout the summer, the 2014 class members, comprised of seventeen summer interns and new employees, participated in the workshops to help them develop skills in communication, customer relationships and agronomics.

AVI Recruitment and Training Lead, Nevada Weitl said, “Each time we got together, you could see the growth in these individuals and in the group. These young professionals are incredibly eager to learn and proficient at putting the information to work.”

Weitl continued, “We saw significant growth in their communication and agronomy skills. Our in-field, on-site agronomy training gave our participants many useful tools and techniques to take back to their own Regional Seed Company (RSC) customers. At this last workshop, participants gave a presentation on some specific aspect of the summer experience they can use in the future. Their presentations showed confidence, personal and professional growth and a true willingness and commitment to help customers improve profitability.”

“I learned so much this summer,” said AgVenture of Eastern Kansas Summer Intern Leanne Milleret. “Learning and practicing networking and communication skills was very helpful. It allowed me to better understand how to listen, learn and share new ideas and different practices. I enjoyed learning about AgVenture’s strong network of independent seed companies and their approach to their customers, products and business. Beyond that, we all made life-long friends and will have this great, shared experience as we start our seed careers.”

Bryce Borkgren of AgVenture Pureline at Princeton, Illinois said, “Our field training really provided us with solid tools we have put to use this summer. I really appreciated the opportunity to focus on the agronomics, but then better understand the importance and relevance of communicating that with our customers.”


AVI Marketing Lead, Penny Taylor said, “With the support of AVI leadership team and our outstanding consulting experts, and incredible guidance and direction from their RSCs and mentors, these young professionals leaving our program are better equipped to serve agriculture. It feels great to know the future of the seed business will be influenced by these individuals. It is also very gratifying to know that two of the class members have accepted full time positions with their RSCs and will continue to have a positive impact on our own customers now and well into the future.”

The 2014 Intern and Trainee Class included participants from more than a dozen academic institutions nationwide and represented RSCs from across the country. AVI staff will be visiting college and university career fairs this fall to reach out to the prospective class of 2015. Contact AgVenture or your local RSC for more information on how to apply as an intern.