“The Best Crop We’ve Seen”

All in all, the season is going great. We probably have the best crop we’ve seen in 20 years — or we’ve got a good start anyways. For the first time in a while, we finally got everything planted and growing pretty good, and we didn’t get any big rain to slow things down. It's just been nice. It's been warm enough to keep corn growing, and there’s not too much water to drown it out.

Aside from good planting, another reason for our success is that we've been able to get everything done that needs to be done. And we haven't had a lot of stress. The little bit of dry weather we did have helped get everything rooted down. But herbicide application went on well. We got our residuals down in a timely manner. We got our post-herbicides all done. We got our corn fungicide down, and we have one round of fungicide left to put on the soybeans. Things are just clipping along really well.

We also finished a wheat cut a few weeks ago. That was a little disappointing due to heavy disease pressure. But we got some double crop beans put in after that, and they are off and growing good, which is odd. Usually it’s so dang dry that when you plant them, they don't come up until it rains, but we’ve had enough moisture this year that they took off on their own and they caught a nice rain here a few weekends ago. They're off to the best start in a long time as well.

Working With Matt

Matt has been helping me this year and we rely on him pretty heavily for several things. He’s helping me stage corn and get put on the aerial applicators list to make sure the application‘s done at the perfect time. He has been taking tissue samples on corn and soybeans. He also keeps tabs on the fertility, so we can plan for any micronutrient applications we want to do still. Or anything we need to put in with the fungicide with the airplane on the corn. If it’s lacking a little nitrogen, we know and have a pretty good idea that we need to put more on.

It’s funny, but there are a lot of times Matt is here walking my corn or beans and I don't even know he's here. Matt is really picking up and taking off for this being my first year and first growing season with him. He’s doing a good job.

What’s Next

We’re doing a lot of scouting and watching for bugs moving in now. It’s all hands on deck. We have frogeye leaf spot moving in from the south. It’s not here yet, but we found it in Hamilton and other counties just south of us, moving north.

Other than that, we are just clipping along. As long as we keep getting timely rains, we are looking at a great crop.