Building a Business Relationship

I met Matt in mid-November — he rode on the combine with me a couple different times. Then in February, we really started working together. I was finishing up my cropping plan for the year and finalizing the hybrids and everything else. Here's what Matt has to say about our season together so far:

"It’s tremendous when a grower is forthcoming about where they’ve placed stuff, what their field conditions are like — if they’re wet, if they’re dry; if it drains well, if it doesn't drain well. That really helps getting to those relationships that are an ongoing thing year after year.

Travis is a very, very smart person when it comes to the farming and operations and everything else, so there's times when he's actually telling me something that I didn't exactly know. Then in turn, I help him when he has an issue or a problem. Hopefully I'm giving him information that can help.

I was just there recently and went and looked at all the fields that we have in corn and a handful of beans. He just got done double cropping his wheat in because he just finished up with wheat harvest last week. So they've been double cropping some of the beans, and I looked at some of the wheat fields and the beans to see how they were progressing.

I've been down there at least twice a week and then a couple times when I’m not down there, I may send him a text message or call him just to see what might be going on. He's kind of hard to get a hold of every once in a while, so it might be late at night —like the other day we talked at about 9 o'clock. And I know we've talked before clear out to 10:30 at night!"

Staging the Sprayers

"Monday I’m planning on going back down there to look at some fields that we preliminarily set up to get sprayed with fungicide. They have to get their sprayers set up ahead of time due to the fact that they have so many acres that are getting sprayed.

It’s coming on all the same time, so it's what they call staging the fields. So you have to figure out where the plant is in the stage and figure out the growing units that will get it to a certain point, then hope that Mother Nature stays true to that fact and go ahead and spray the fields.

Travis just had some stuff sprayed today and this next group of fields is about a week later than what he originally planted. So this is what I was trying to help him with yesterday, was to figure out when to stage the sprayers. So that's what I did yesterday was go out and do some counts to figure out where each leaf stage was for each field in different locations around the field. Then you figure out the growing degree units with what the weather will be like — from what people tell you or from the weather app on your phone. Then hopefully the weather and the temperature hold true. If it gets warmer that's great, but if it gets cooler, that's bad news for us because it throws off the growing degree units."

- Matt Bugg, AgVenure Yield Specialist at AgVenture D&M