A True Working Partnership

AgVenture Yield Specialist Wayne DulaneyDuring the growing season, Wayne (my Yield Specialist) and I are pretty much in constant communication. Here's what he has to say:

"If I haven't heard from Jackson in like two days or something for some reason, I call and say, “Hey are you alright? Is everything okay? What's going on?” And it’s funny, but Jackson gets so upset with me if we have to deviate from the cropping plan. It’s necessary at times, but he does trust me, and I know what to recommend for his farm.

We’ve probably been working together for about ten years now, and at the time I started, Jackson knew more about corn than I did.  I'd never raised a corn crop until I started with AgVenture, so I leaned on Jackson. I learned a lot of things from him just because he was doing a good job.

All together, I don’t think anyone around him has as high APH as he does. Jackson is one of the few I truly rely on. He is my go-to person, when you hear, "Well you can't grow corn behind corn." I say, "Well I've got a customer who's on his 13th year corn behind corn, and we won't take it out because it keeps yielding over 230 bushels each year. When the yields drop off, we’ll rotate it. And he just keeps getting gradually better and better."

- Wayne Dulaney, AgVenture Yield Specialist with Dulaney Seedscropping