Planting Patience Pays Off

From AgVenture's Agronomy Updates, August 2013

Those extra steps and planting time are paying off. Around the country, AgVenture Yield Specialists and Product and Technology team members report that crops are thriving where growers took the time to plant carefully and methodically this spring. AgVenture’s Louis Sutton said, “Those nit-picky details can be frustrating at planting when we are geared to quickly get the seed in the ground. But this year has provided some outstanding examples of how AgVenture’s planting tools and techniques can optimize the crop’s potential to thrive in most any environment.”

With crops across the country experiencing the gamut of conditions - from drought, to ideal, to cool and damp conditions, Sutton notes that even plant spacing, planting depth and seed placement work together to provide each seed with more consistent access to sunlight and soil nutrients. “Even stands promote ideal silking and pollination environments. You can see a remarkable difference in these fields. Carefully planted fields are faring better even where growing conditions are challenging. It’s gratifying to see the results thus far as we approach harvest.”