AgVenture Regional Update - Summer 2013

Submitted by John Polasini of AgVenture Mid-South, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Hello, hello!

I would assume everyone has heard rumors of corn harvest. It's not a rumor as a select few have begun in my area. (Louisiana to Clevaland, MS  and Mahgee, AR to Indianola, MS). The moisture has ranged from 42 to 29. Yes sir. Needless to say the propane is lit. I don't recommend anything above 28. I can get you in touch with people trying higher. You make the call.


I am seeing some worms near the end of ears. It's late summer. Gonna happen I am seeing some fields where we ran out of nitrogen. Hence, me pleading my case of back loading some applications.

The most asked question:  why did we not fill the entire ear?  STRESS. My opinion is stress. I have a few isolated farmers that used two shots of a fungicide and the ears filled to the tip. One application was applied at V-4 to V-6 and we applied another during tassle. Pretty neat deal. Last year it did not show results like this year so I didn't push the issue. I failed. I became a Money Saver instead of your Money Maker. It will not happen too often but I wish I coulda, woulda, shoulda!  DANG!

The milk is spent, move on. I still suspect a decent harvest.


Starting to pick up numbers of insects. Hot spots of stink bugs and boll worms. I haven't seen that many loopers. I do recommend a fungicide!  I do, I do!  The weather is humid, hot, water running and the crop is AWESOME!  Spray the thing!  I also recommend trying a blend of foliar fertilizer 3-18-18. I can only recommend trying this. You will not be disappointed. Give me a call and I will explain.

The next couple of weeks I will be seeing you at harvest. I want to evaluate our bushels per acre. I have a plan to determine some things and make us more bushels next fall. I am super excited about the challenge as it will be educational and fun. Yes, I am starting to put together the famous snack bags and one other treat as harvest is on us and I can say!!!!  "YOU DID IT!!!!"

The past week was fun, I traveled a lot of area and see corn days away from black layer in my sleep!

I appreciate your business and thanks for allowing me to work with you on your farms.  As this is and gone be;

What's left of John...