Side-Hill Seeps

Submitted from AgVenture's Seeds for Success - Agronomy Update.

This spring, growers had a great chance to observe side-hill seeps. A late planting season, wet weather and saturated soils following germination have resulted in damping off and dramatically reduced stands on hillsides. A subsoil impermeable layer causes runoff to concentrate in side hill seeps. The resulting lack of oxygen caused seedlings to suffer and/or die and stand loss.

Iowa State University agronomists and AgVenture Yield Specialists across the Midwest note that stands were compromised on hillsides where water seepage caused extended periods of saturated soils. Note these areas for future reference.

Talk with your local Regional Seed Company or your AgVenture Yield Specialist about conservation tillage, no-till or planting perennials to help reduce side-hill seep problems in the future

(graphic Iowa State University, Dr. Roger Elmore).