AgVenture Regional Update - Spring/Summer 2013

May 31, 2013 - Submitted by Warren McDonald, Gray's Seed/Fairland, Indiana

The results of a floater sprayer on near emerging corn in wet conditions.

Floater tracks prior to digging.

Cold stress in the area - emerging during cold snap.

Also, Warren reported a case of herbicide carryover noted  in a corn-on-corn situation, enhanced by last year's extreme drought conditions  The herbicide injury (from Sure Start in this case) appeared on an irrigated field with sandy soils.  No issues with the irrigated portion of the field.  But on the dry corners where no water was applied last season there was a stand loss of up to 40% in places, with carryover either sterilizing the seed or after a rain killing corn that was 4" tall.  Weeds on the dry corners were white from the chemical and the growing point on the corn was dying.

AgVenture Regional Product and Technology Manager Jeff Shaner comments that water is the transportation system of nutrients and chemistry both in the soil and in the plant.  In extreme drought situations, movement across the soil profile can come to a standstill, leaving chemistry traffic-jammed in your field.  Later, when water is available once again, last year's logjam breaks free with potential to injure this year's crop.  We have seen some benefit from this process with extra Nitrogen carried-over to help our newly emerging seedlings, but herbicide injury is another consideration of stop-and-go moisture release.

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