AgVenture Scherr’s Seed hires Garrett Hartwell

ROSCOE, SOUTH DAKOTA (May 16, 2013) — AgVenture Scherr’s Seed has hired Garrett Hartwell to serve farmers across the Aberdeen area as a District Sales Manager.

Scherr‘s Seed President, Steve Scherr. “We are very pleased to bring Garrett to our team. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to working directly with his customers. He has really embraced our thorough approach to supporting our customers throughout the year. We equip each of our team members with a unique set of tools and techniques that help our customers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and improve overall profitability across the farm. With access to our outstanding seed products and with Garrett’s support in the field, his customers stand to gain greater profitability from every acre.”

Hartwell is an experienced agriculturalist having spent nearly a decade working for one of the top seedstock beef operations in the country. He gained both knowledge and experience working in management roles and working with customers. He has brought his passion for the cattle business home to the Aberdeen area where he maintains a 250 head cow herd.

Hartwell said, “Just as a farmer’s seed must be adapted to its environment, Scherr’s Seed understands that its seed professionals must also fully know and understand the customers they work with. I know cattle and cattlemen. Through AgVenture Scherr’s Seed, I’ve been exposed to the best and brightest people and unique concepts for maximizing crop production. I look forward to supporting my customers in achieving outstanding yields and profits. I am here to help make a positive difference and this is a great way to combine skills and experience to do so.”

AgVenture Scherr’s Seed has gained a great deal of positive attention over the past few years due to the implementation of their ProfiZone™ program. Steve Scherr said, “ProfiZone is an intensive cropping management program. It is highly focused on yield and supports and sustains higher yields by helping our customers make better decision, effectively measure progress and improve their overall management practices. That results in more profit per acre. It has been very effective across the region. Garrett will be instrumental putting those tools to work for customers in the Aberdeen area.”

Hartwell, originally from Oakland, Nebraska attended Northeast Community College in Norfork. He and his wife, Kari, have three children Ashlinn, Cooper and Parker. They reside near Aberdeen.