Green Trash??

May 2, 2013 - Submitted by the AgVenture Agronomy Team

Traveling across I-80 from Des Moines to Chicago, things they are happening!

Some planting and tillage started and several farmers out burning off fields but what about that 'GREEN TRASH'??

A lot of cover on bean stubble fields that will be going back to corn. Some will be no till, minimum  etc... In other words they won't see much tillage or get a chance for the green trash to dry out before the planter hits them. This will want to bunch up in no till or if a finishing tool runs over it will want to "ball up" and "drag".

A couple of suggestions would be to hit it with a herbicide ahead of time to quickly "burn" and "dry" it out quicker. Another for less green trash areas, is vertical tillage, then plant and spray with a herbicide.

To get a higher yields, this will have to be dealt with…Contact your local AgVenture Regional Seed Company for specific issues.