Planting Perfection - Day 3

April 8, 2013 - by Jeff Shaner, AgVenture Product Team

Day 3 – Planting Perfection

Protect your investment

The pest spectrum of soil-borne diseases and early-season insects waiting to attack your soybean crop is like the tagline for a bad horror movie: "It's alive! It's ravenous!  And it's growing!" 

I once worked for a soybean production facility in the heart of Illinois in the '90s that bagged a million units of seed...and the plant had no treatment system at all.  My how the times have changed!  Pythium is in nearly every field where US crops are grown.  Phytophthora was bad enough, but now we have identified a second strain of PRR in upper Midwest soy fields.  New diseases and new insect pests are being discovered every year. Bottom line: a premium seed treatment package on your soybean seed is a must for crucial stand establishment and protection. 

The AgVenture Security seed treatment package offers a cocktail of fungicidal activity to safely usher your crop from germination through the first few weeks of seedling growth.  Get the seed applied insecticide portion as well and fight off early-season feeding insects that open your crop up to disease infections that come back to haunt you and drag down yields later in the year. 

For the vast majority of US famers, you only get one crop per year.  Why let diseases or insects steal it away from you?  A premium seed treatment package is well worth your investment.