Meeting of Great Minds

AYS Challenge WinnersWe just wrapped up another outstanding all-company meeting this week. Having all our regional companies from across the nation converge in one place several times each year leads to great idea sharing and innovation. Here are some of the highlights from our time together:

  • We are very thankful to be in a position to have a great supply of seed heading into 2013.
  • Our product and technology team shared integrated strategies for corn rootworm management as well as major weed threats that we will be ready to tackle with our customers.
  • We trained on some cool new features of our ProfiZone advanced cropping plans to help our customers use variable rate technology to get the most out of each acre.
  • AgVenture Yield Specialists from all over the network shared how they are using apps, web tools and social media to better service their customers; such as tango and GroupMeet.
  • One of our Regional Seed Companies, AgVenture Spangler, celebrated their 100th Anniversary.
  • The winners of the AgVenture Yield Specialist Challenge were awarded their prizes!


Congratulations to AgVenture Yield Specialists; Royce - IA, Mark - IA/IL, Greg - WI, Todd - IL and Chris - IN. Great work guys!