Annual field event draws more than 300 to McKillip Seeds Field Day

KENTLAND, INDIANA (August 28, 2015) — McKillip Seeds held their annual educational field day at Wabash, Indiana last week. The event drew more than 300 farmer customers and guests from across northeastern Indiana. Participants engaged in a series of educational programs focused on the latest in seed genetics and technologies, seed treatments, and crop production management strategies aimed at improving profitability.

“These farmers are focused, knowledgeable and anxious to learn how to continue to advance their yields and their profitability,” said McKillip Seeds President, Mike McKillip. “We look forward to this event each year. Our goals are to share our appreciation, and to provide our customers with up-to-date information in a learning environment that helps them implement sound decisions in raising their crops.”

For more than eighty years, the family owned and operated regional seed company has delivered on their commitment to serving their customers. McKillip said, “We had customers in attendance that have been with us for two, three and even four generations. Farming continues to change at a rapid clip. We need these events to share this vital information with our customers. We work with them throughout the year individually on their farms, but this event provides an opportunity to further share with them information from our cutting-edge experts.”

The active format allowed customers to rotate from one session to another. Presentations included AgVenture, Inc. (AVI) Corn Research Manager, Dr. Mark Jacques who briefed participants on new corn genetics and their fit into local cropping plans, and about emerging technologies and the relative performance those products offer producers’ bottom line. AVI Soybean and Alfalfa Seed Technology Manager, Jeff Shaner focused on soybean products and the technology timeline in bringing new soybean varieties to the field. From Olivia, Minnesota, Corn Capital Innovations CEO, Steve O’Neill shared information on Profit Trac, a system that uses electric conductivity to establish zones with similar characteristics within a field to improve soil testing and optimize fertilization efficiency.

According to McKillip Seeds Sales and Marketing Manager, Mitch Snyder, one of the highlights of the day for many participants was the tour of the company’s new state-of-the-art On Demand seed treatment facilities. “We were very pleased with the level and intensity of our customer’s interest in the new seed treatment capabilities. Improvements in seed treatment technologies in the past few years alone have made a huge difference for producers as they get a healthy stand established. Our new facilities allow us to deliver the best seed treatment product solutions to our customers in a timely manner.”

Mike McKillip concluded, “Locally adapted seed products help customers maximize yields and profitability. An important part of doing our job is to offer a worthwhile venue for learning and for fellowship right here at the source of their seed. Together with our customers, we are making a positive difference in making that happen.”

AgVenture, Inc. is the nation’s largest network of independently owned regional seed companies. Based in Kentland, Indiana, AgVenture provides this growing network of independently owned and managed seed business owners with seed products meeting exacting standards for quality, together with leading-edge genetics and technology. Since 1983, this unique marketing approach has allowed each individual company to match the hybrids and varieties it sells to the specific needs of the geographical area it serves. Combined with professional seed representation at a local level, AgVenture strives to help every grower realize more profit from every field.