Our Interns Say Goodbye

A few of our interns shared some insights from their time with AgVenture Regional Seed Companies this summer. We were so honored to have such a talented, ambitious and fun group of students this year! These students will be successful in whatever career path their journey takes them on. Good luck guys!

While interning at AgVenture D&M I have experienced different aspects of seed sales. I started my internship by working in the office, I was also given information to read about the company. During my first week I was sent to Jerry Hartsock’s house for an agronomy lesson. He taught me what to look for as I was scouting a field as well as flagging and AgMath. After returning, I spent time with local AgVenture Yield Specialists. With them, I did everything from riding on a tractor during planting to assessing water damage in a field. I was able to see how AgVenture treats customers different than other companies. This was extremely interesting to me because even though they were all working for the same company they all had different relationships with their customers and were all successful. While riding with the AYSs that were still establishing their areas, I experienced more cold calling and setting up appointments with prospects. Every farm we stopped by was a completely different experience, most were receptive but you did find some people set in their ways.

I spent the most time riding with Chase. Since he was a new hire, he started out having to explore his area and do some cold calling. I was lucky enough to be with him every step of the way to setting up an import with a prospect. It was amazing to see the AYS and farmer’s relationship grow and develop.

During my internship I decided to obtain a minor in Agronomy which will be extremely useful with any career I choose. As the summer progressed I became increasingly more interested in pursuing a career in sales and it was extremely useful seeing what all Chase was going through since in three short years I will also be graduated and starting my career. - Rachael Lowe, Sales Intern @ AgVenture D&M


It’s hard to believe that my summer with AgVenture is coming to an end! I have met a lot of great people this summer and I have gained a lot more agronomic knowledge than I could’ve ever imagined. I attended various intern/ new hire trainings right away and started networking with other AgVenture employees. In addition, I spent a lot of time in the field with my AYS learning basic agronomic skills, like conducting Net Effective Plant Stands. It was a blur of excitement just taking everything in and getting comfortable. After a few weeks I was out on my own scouting fields, conducting Net Effective Plant Stands with growers. This was my favorite part of my internship. I really enjoyed working with growers to help improve their operations.  In July, I had the opportunity to do some traveling to ride with other AYS’ and see different RSC’s. Then, before I knew it, August was upon us and the real challenge was here. I had to present my final summer project to my colleagues and I was going to take a crack at prospecting on my own. Although these tasks were a bit un- nerving, I worked through them with the guidance of some great AgVenture employees. Overall, this summer has been a great experience. I could not have asked for better teachers and mentors. I think the experience AgVenture has provided me will stay with Orme as I continue on in the agriculture industry. - Aly Ries, Sales Intern @ AgVenture Profiseed

Through my summer internship at AgVenture GroMor I gained a lot of knowledge in different areas that will help me going forward in the agriculture field.  I learned a wide variety of agronomy details that will help me when it comes time to write a cropping plan and also what to look for when scouting fields for growers. I also learned a lot on the business side of agriculture; learning how to make sales and the skills that go into making sales. Also, I learned how to communicate with growers, learning how their farming operation works and how to establish a good relationship with them to help them make their farm more profitable. - Brennan Manfull, Sales Intern @ AgVenture GroMor