Studying to Seed Sales: An Intern's Journey

My name is Aly Ries. I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin Platteville majoring in Ag Business with a minor in Agronomy. I grew up in South East Minnesota on a crop farm, and I work part time on a dairy farm. Growing up on a farm, as well as being involved with organizations like FFA, taught me quite a bit about agriculture and inspired me to pursue a career in the industry. Prior to working for AgVenture, I interned at the University of Minnesota Extension- Rochester. After two years with the extension, I was hoping to find something related to sales. I chose to accept AgVenture’s offer because they offer a unique approach to sales. It is not just about selling seed, but rather selling a system that AgVenture stands behind. The AYS’s are there to help farmers build trust, improve operations and increase yields. They make frequent touch points with their growers and have good connections. I found all of this quite appealing and I wanted to learn more and become part of a successful company. Through this internship I am improving my sales skills and becoming a better-rounded individual. My hope is to be hired full time and continue to grow and evolve with the company.