Planting with a New AYS

We’re right in the middle of planting out here, and so far things are going well. I’ve been working with a new AYS, Colt Halloran, in addition to Mike Davis and Brian Maxwell. Colt and Mike came out to my farm on our third day of planting corn and walked behind the planter, checking seed depth and spacing. They said I was a bit too eager, and the ground was a bit too tacky to plant. They like to stall you just by talking in your fields while the ground dries.

It’s been good getting to know Colt. I have high expectations for him because of all the great experience I’ve had with AgVenture in the past, and we talked about all the insights he can offer and tools we can use to have a great crop. They push me every year by suggesting ways to change the operation and make it grow. But I also push them by suggesting new things I’d like to try and asking how we can work together. I’m optimistic for this growing season, and with the great start we’re off to, I hope we get as good a harvest as last year.