Death on the Farm: Grieving in the Midst of Planting

We’ve been going through a rough time lately. Two weeks ago today, my father of 93 years passed away. He was my business partner, my mentor and a big part of my life, and I feel lucky to have had a dad like him for so long in my life. So many people don’t get to have their dad with them near as much as I had mine.

He worked with me on my farm up to the end, as long as he could. He was very proud of the fact that he had grandsons that farmed, and myself. I guess he was proud of me too.

So right now we’re running way behind because we’ve been preoccupied the last few weeks. And we’ve had some sporadic rain. This morning we’re fighting with an anhydrous applicator yet, but hopefully in a couple hours here we’ll have it all running and in a couple days we’ll be up and planting corn.

Today we’re at the farm my son manages, which consists of a few hundred acres. We vertical-tilled the whole thing, and it’ll be mostly corn with a little bit of beans. (We vertical tilled all of our corn-on-corn fields this year, but we left our soybean fields alone). We avoided the showers on this particular farm, so it’s drier than others, and we’re pretty well done with our tilling now. In fact, my son is taking the vertical tillage machine home and unhooking it so we can hook up the planter. So we’ll be ready when the sun comes out.

I’ve been talking with my AYS Denny frequently — just this morning in fact. He knows we’re behind, but we’re just talking about when I can be done with corn, because he’ll have beans for me when I need them. As always, he says there’s no use getting out there when it’s muddy and the ground’s unfit. There’s plenty of time yet to plant.