“Yields Were the Best We’ve Ever Had”

Today we’re hauling corn to the ethanol plant. That’s what we’ve been doing all week — running to St. Louis and hauling grain. St. Louis is about 300 miles round trip, and the ethanol plant’s about 40 miles away, but we’ll do 5–6 trips a day over there.

You might be surprised, but we’re not done with harvest yet. We haven’t harvested anything since Nov. 15, when we got done with corn. We’ve had snow twice and rain every other day, and we haven’t seen three days of sunshine strung together since then. But all that’s left is 150–160 acres of double-crop beans, so it’s a drop in the bucket. We’re fortunate.

But the majority of the harvest went pretty good. Everything kept moving right along. Yields were the best we’ve ever had.

After seeing our yields this year, we decided we’re going to increase our strip till acres. We’re continuing with the fungicide program we have implemented. Everything we did this year ended up being pretty well right. We’re going to try for a repeat next year.

As for what’s next, we didn’t get much fall work done this year. During the first big snow—we had about four inches—it was frozen just a little bit underneath the snow and we did a little chisel plow and ran a couple hundred acres of fertilizer through the strip till bar. But essentially that’s all we got done. We were too wet. We didn’t get any wheat planted this year—it was too wet. We like to have the wheat in by the 15th or 16th of October, but not this year. We just won’t have any wheat, so that’s kind of a bummer.

There’s not much else besides. That’s pretty much the status quo for the winter. We still have 150,000 bushel of corn to haul and 75,000 bushels of beans to haul. So we’ll be doing that. We’ll get a little break for the holidays, but we don’t have much planned. Just another run-of-the-mill winter.