Beating End-of-Season Burnout

I haven’t felt burned out in a long time, but this year I feel it. Everybody is ready for a break. It’s been kind of a roller coaster year — from wondering if you’re ever going to get seed in to getting it and replanting beans 4-5 times, to our wet spring and thankfully a wet, cool summer.

We finished corn the first week of September and started on beans and pretty much ran through the bean harvest pretty quick. We finished them on the 24th. Harvest went really well, and it looks to be our best corn crop and probably our second or third best bean crop yet. And now we’re rowed up and ready to plant, so the next thing that will hit the field will be the planter. So we’re looking forward to deer season and duck season and time off now.

A neighbor and I also picked up another 4,000 acres of land and got some wheat planted. It’s up and looking good. We’ll harvest that in May or June. Other than that, we’ve been doing our groundwork. We’re in really good shape as far as field work and preparations for next year. This year we did a good bit of subsoiling and deep tillage. We’re on a three-year rotation, and this was year three. So with the continuous corn, you just get a lot of residue, and you can run into problems. So we burned this year, ran a disk across it and deep-tilled it and then rowed it up.

As far as a cropping plan, Wayne and I are on the third one, just watching the market. This year is a moving target, more so than it ever has been. We sat down and kind of figured out an acreage mix, and that all changed partly because we picked up that other ground. And we came back with a second cropping plan, and now that’s changed with all the wheat we got planted.

Usually it’s done in late November or early December, but the markets can dictate a switch real fast. So I’m sure we’ll be switching varieties up to the deadline. I always tell Wayne, I’m fine if the plan changes as long as there’s some sort of plan in place. Hopefully we’ll have something set this week.

I’m the kind of guy who can’t go sit and enjoy myself if we’ve got work to do. So for lack of a better term, I’m busting my ass trying to get it all done so I can go hunting and just relax.