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October 30, 2012

We started off the year with a tailgate party at Purdue University. Then we attended the University of Nebraska, University of Illinois, Iowa State University, and South Dakota State University career fairs. We will be finishing off with the Agriculture Future of American Leaders Conference on November 2.

One consistent finding at all of these events, was the desire of these very talented, young people to build a successful career in agriculture and become a partner to the American farmer! Their passion and drive revived our own to provide invaluable and educated service to the growers in our network across the United States.

We look forward to mentoring and working beside several new interns and even new full-time employees that we acquired from these recent events!

July 18, 2012

A key component of the Maximum Profit System is knowing that your crop has nitrogen needs to be met during early, mid and late seasons. Nitrogen shouldn't be applied all at once, but rather through a minimum of three separate applications of three different forms. By utilizing a good nitrogen management program, you prepare your field to reach maximum yields.

There are multiple forms of nitrogen available, including:

  • 28% or 32%
    • Excellent source for early season
  • Urea
    • Early season
  • Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
    • Best for mid and late season
  • Manure
    • Year-round source
  • Foliar Nitrogen
    • Applied late season with foliar fungicide if needed

How many applications have you put on your field this season? What forms have you found to be the most successful on your farm? You can share your experiences in the comments section below.