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February 22, 2013

ESSEX, MISSOURI/KENTLAND, INDIANA (February 18, 2013) — AgVenture Mayberry Seed Co. has hired seed professional Phillip Cissell of Cape Girardeau, Missouri to serve growers in southeast Missouri and southern Illinois as AgVenture Yield Specialist. AgVenture Mayberry Seed Co. General Manager, Larry Mayberry said, “We are very pleased to welcome Phillip to our team. His experience in the industry and in working with growers will definitely benefit our customers.”

For the past eight years, Cissell has worked for a grain elevator company where he was among the youngest to achieve the role supervisor. Mayberry said, “Phillip is very organized and dedicated to the task set before him. He takes his work seriously and has a strong commitment to working with growers to help them gain more profitability from every acre. “

Mayberry noted, “We continued to have growing demand for our products and services. Our growth is thanks to reliable product performance and the professional support our team members provide to growers throughout the year.”

Cissell noted, “Mayberry Seed Co. is a solid asset to area farmers. For years, they’ve served area customers – providing them with outstanding seed products and dedicated service. They are recognized and respected in the farm community. I’m proud to take our AgVenture® brand products and support to our customers’ fields.”

He noted one of the things he’s most enthused about sharing with his customers is the company’s Maximum Profit System™ (MPS). MPS is a unique approach to dramatically increasing yield, lowering cost per bushel and advancing profitability on every acre. Cissell said, “With MPS, we are proving our advantage by supporting growers with a total plan, tools and techniques that help them achieve those goals. I’m ready to start working with growers at planting, to help them establish a healthy, consistent, excellent stand.”

A native of Charleston, Missouri, Cissell resides in Cape Girardeau.

February 15, 2013

CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI/ KENTLAND, INDIANA (February 15, 2013) — AgVenture Mid-South has hired Eric Howard to serve farmers in southeast Arkansas as an AgVenture Yields Specialist. The Monticello native is no stranger to area farmers having served the past five years as Southeast Arkansas’ Research Entomology Associate and prior to that as Jefferson County Agricultural Extension Agent.

AgVenture Mid-South CEO, Terry Dulaney said, “Eric truly knows this region – its farmers, its growing environments and its pests. With a specialization in entomology, Eric brings us professional experience in educating and consulting and expertise in agricultural pest management and entomology. We are confident in his ability to put our AgVenture® brand products to work. He is a very valuable asset to our company and to the Arkansas Delta farmers he serves.”

Dulaney added, “All of our specialists provide professional, one-on-one support to their customers. We work hard to assure that each of our team members is superbly prepared and equipped to bring the latest seed genetics and technologies to the field. They also provide timely tools and techniques that support customers’ yields, fields, and profitability all year long and from year to year. It’s a unique approach that has impact and generates positive results. We are committed to delivering those products and our professional support to every customer.”

Howard said, “Corn and soybeans continue to gain importance as Mid-South cash crops. Drought persists in the Plains and many farmers are shifting to corn and soybeans. Farmers in this region are exceptionally sharp. They know what it takes to raise crops well. I want to make sure each customer gets the right seed genetics and technologies, along with the support they need to advance their goals effectively. Working together, we’ll make it happen.”

Howard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from University of Arkansas, Monticello and a Master of Science degree in agricultural pest management from University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He is a member of the Entomological Society of America and the Arkansas Crop Protection Association. He holds a restricted use pesticide applicators license and has a practical knowledge and working expertise of spraying systems. He and his wife, Candace, have a young daughter and are expecting her sister’s arrival this summer. They reside in Monticello.

February 13, 2013

Iron Man 2 AgVenture’s Security™ Seed Protection System is the ideal complement to the outstanding genetics you’ll find in each seed you plant.  Just like Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor protects him from dangers, Security does the same for your seed.

Combing his genius level intellect with careful ingenuity, Stark developed the high-tech armor to create the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and quickly gain the upper hand on even the toughest of opponents.

Just like the Iron Man armor lends superior defenses to Tony Stark, the Security Seed Protection System has been expertly researched and designed to safeguard vulnerable seed against soil-borne diseases and pests throughout the growing season, resulting in a faster start and larger stand counts.

When combined with the advanced genetic potential supplied by the Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) System, Security is your best defense against threats to your bottom line.

Click here to learn more about how Security protects your investment in seed.                                                                                                                                           

Security Seed Protection System

photo credit: CC photo from Marvel Entertainment on Flickr

February 5, 2013

Cover image of January 2013 issue of Dakota FarmerThe January 2013 issue of Dakota Farmer featured ProfiZone, AgVenture’s precision farming and variable-rate crop management service. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article, here’s a recap:

ProfiZone manages input costs by properly placing seed and fertilizer requirements where they are most needed, making the most of resources. The goal is for ProfiZone users to increase the yield average by 20% over baseline increases in their area. AgVenture’s Yield Specialists can take soil samples and create productivity management zones, write prescriptions based on their findings and create test plots, called Learning Blocks. The Learning Blocks allow the farmer to see what works and what doesn’t on each segment of their land. Over time, they have the opportunity to adjust and advance management practices to bring higher yields and more profit per acre. The AgVenture Yield Specialists teach farmers how to best use their equipment alongside the ProfiZone prescriptions. After a ProfiZone consultation, the Yield Specialist remains on-call for any problems, and compiles yield maps and analyzes crop performance.

AgVenture began testing ProfiZone four years ago, and every farmer that started the trial stayed with the program. Steve Scherr, Owner of AgVenture Scherr Seeds in Roscoe, SD, cautions that ProfiZone is a learning program that takes at least two years to look for trends, but will increase growers’ yields and give them return on their investment. Contact your local RSC if you are interested in diving into this exciting new technology.

January 9, 2013

Agronomic accuracy, individual attention –Dwight Gigstad supports customer profitability

IOLA, KANSAS (January 9, 2013) — “It is a remarkable level of professional commitment,” said AgVenture of Eastern Kansas Owner and General Manager Tom Woodworth as he describes AgVenture Yield Specialist, Dwight Gigstad. Since joining the independently owned and operated regional seed company two years ago, Woodworth reports, “Dwight has extended the reach of our products across northeast Kansas. Beyond that, he has introduced customers to our dedicated approach to helping them improve their profitability.”

Born and raised at Nortonville, Kansas, Gigstad graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in agronomy. He farmed full time while working for the FSA for 18 years. For ten years, he worked in some of the region’s top ag retailers – first as an agronomist and ultimately, as agronomy manager. He is a Certified Crop Advisor.

“Dwight’s education and experience in ag retail have been very beneficial to his customers and their individual operations,” Woodworth said. “He consistently provides great support for growers, working with them one-on-one to develop cropping plans, establish impeccable stands, and to follow- through with crop assessment and support throughout the growing season. He is a true agronomic professional who cares about his customers and their ability to raise a profitable crop.”

Gigstad said, “This is a great company to work with. The products are solid – adapted and selected for this specific area. In addition, AgVenture provides us with a host of tools and techniques to help growers advance their profitability on every acre.”

Referring to AgVenture’s Maximum Profit System™ (MPS), Gigstad said, “I am a farmer first and MPS has really impressed me and my customers. The MPS system helps us farm smarter by focusing on doing things right and managing the details better. It brings together a whole list of practical tools that directly help growers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and improve overall profitability. It makes sense to measure progress. It makes sense to slow down and do things well. MPS has the potential to significantly change the way corn is grown in this area – and with more profitability on every acre.”

Woodworth concluded, “It makes you proud to work with people who help your customers, your team and your company advance. Dwight has been a fantastic addition to our company and the region.”

Gigstad and his wife, Shawn, have a young son, George. They reside on their farm near Nortonville.

December 20, 2012

The Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) System is a leap forward in soybean genetics. Think of AYT in terms of Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

Through genetic mapping and treatment, Rogers is transformed from an ordinary man into a super soldier, functioning beyond the established limits of human performance in strength, speed, endurance and durability. This, essentially, is how AYT functions.

Utilizing a cutting-edge, molecular breeding tool, genetic gain is maximized, and the greatest potential is unlocked in every AgVenture soybean you plant. AYT successfully delivers exceptional disease and pest resiliency, while also enhancing growth throughout the season.

Ask your AgVenture Yield Specialist how the AYT System, in combination with the Security™ Seed Treatment System, brings powerful genetic potential to your fields.

Bonus: You can visit our YouTube channel to see our infographic video highlighting the global influence of soybeans here.

December 17, 2012

Today's farmer grows twice as much food as his parents did, using less land, energy, water and fewer emissions. This kind of progress simply wouldn't be possible without a dedication to innovative seed technology and high-yield strategies. Typically, corn and its agricultural and economic impacts are the conversation topics and headline makers. So, to make sure nobody feels left out, we took a moment to dive into the world of the soybean and its role in the future of agriculture. See for yourself!


December 3, 2012

AgVenture continues to monitor agronomic conditions and trends over these winter months. USDA/NOAA’s drought monitor shows that soils across a significant section of the country’s growing region continue to suffer from depleted moisture supplies. Additionally, NOAA predicts that between now and late February, drought conditions will persist or continue to intensify over a major portion of the country.

In planning for 2013’s crop, AgVenture’s Louis Sutton encourages growers to look at long-term data to select hybrids. “Don’t just use 2012 as your sole rationale for selecting 2013’s hybrids. Rather, consider root ratings, drought scores, heat scores and stalk strength ratings.” He added, “Our customers need to know that we have good supplies of corn hybrids developed, tested and specifically selected to withstand drought pressures in your area. Talk with your AgVenture Regional Seed Company about AQUAmax™ hybrids and about our many other hybrids that have significant and localized drought-fighting performance.”

The U.S. Drought Monitor is produced in partnership between the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

November 21, 2012

KENTLAND, INDIANA  — AgVenture East Coast Seed today announced they have hired Seaford, Delaware’s Matt Daudt to serve the region’s crop producers as AgVenture Yield Specialist. Daudt will work directly with growers one-on-one to provide them with year-round professional seed support focused on helping growers increase profitability on ever acre.

AgVenture East Coast Seed is an independently owned and operated regional seed company providing producers across Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with AgVenture’s top quality lineup of locally adapted seed products. In addition, the company provides customers with professional seed services support on their farms and in their fields.

AgVenture East Coast Seed General Manager, Mark Davis said, “We’re very pleased to bring Matt on board. He’ll be a valuable asset to our customers. His strong background in plant sciences and agronomy combined with AgVenture’s commitment to growers and their profitability will serve our customers well.”

Daudt gained valuable and practical work experiences during his college years and through work and internship experiences. Most recently, he worked as a crop insurance adjuster. “My work experiences showed me how much I value time spent working with growers and helping them improve practices that enhance profitability. I look forward to working with our customers and to delivering the tools and techniques that help them advance their goals.”

East Coast Seed participates in the Maximum Profit System™ (MPS), an intensive education initiative and systematic approach to increasing bushels produced per acre, lowering cost per bushel and maximizing yield on every acre. Davis noted, “Adding Matt to our team allows us to have more hands-on time with our customers and extend the reach of our MPS program. It’s an approach that is producing dramatic results and helping our customers gain more profit from every field. Matt will be instrumental in our MPS efforts with growers.”

Daudt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in plant sciences from University of Delaware. Daudt resides in the community in which he was born and raised, Seaford, DE.

November 16, 2012

AYS Challenge WinnersWe just wrapped up another outstanding all-company meeting this week. Having all our regional companies from across the nation converge in one place several times each year leads to great idea sharing and innovation. Here are some of the highlights from our time together:

  • We are very thankful to be in a position to have a great supply of seed heading into 2013.
  • Our product and technology team shared integrated strategies for corn rootworm management as well as major weed threats that we will be ready to tackle with our customers.
  • We trained on some cool new features of our ProfiZone advanced cropping plans to help our customers use variable rate technology to get the most out of each acre.
  • AgVenture Yield Specialists from all over the network shared how they are using apps, web tools and social media to better service their customers; such as tango and GroupMeet.
  • One of our Regional Seed Companies, AgVenture Spangler, celebrated their 100th Anniversary.
  • The winners of the AgVenture Yield Specialist Challenge were awarded their prizes!


Congratulations to AgVenture Yield Specialists; Royce - IA, Mark - IA/IL, Greg - WI, Todd - IL and Chris - IN. Great work guys!