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June 10, 2013

June 7, 2013 - Submitted by Robert Corzatt, Harvest Max Partners

Shallow planting depth causing issues

Stalk diameter differences with NEPS

Stalk/root differences from shallow planting

May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013 - Submitted by Warren McDonald, Gray's Seed/Fairland, Indiana

The results of a floater sprayer on near emerging corn in wet conditions.

Floater tracks prior to digging.

Cold stress in the area - emerging during cold snap.

Also, Warren reported a case of herbicide carryover noted  in a corn-on-corn situation, enhanced by last year's extreme drought conditions  The herbicide injury (from Sure Start in this case) appeared on an irrigated field with sandy soils.  No issues with the irrigated portion of the field.  But on the dry corners where no water was applied last season there was a stand loss of up to 40% in places, with carryover either sterilizing the seed or after a rain killing corn that was 4" tall.  Weeds on the dry corners were white from the chemical and the growing point on the corn was dying.

AgVenture Regional Product and Technology Manager Jeff Shaner comments that water is the transportation system of nutrients and chemistry both in the soil and in the plant.  In extreme drought situations, movement across the soil profile can come to a standstill, leaving chemistry traffic-jammed in your field.  Later, when water is available once again, last year's logjam breaks free with potential to injure this year's crop.  We have seen some benefit from this process with extra Nitrogen carried-over to help our newly emerging seedlings, but herbicide injury is another consideration of stop-and-go moisture release.

If you have questions/comments, please let us know or contact your local AgVenture Regional Seed Company in your area.

May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013 - Submitted by Jerry Hartsock, Cutting Edge Consulting and Research Services

Planted 5/15 - 5/16, V2 corn, emerged in 7 days, now 2 inches tall


Planted 4/30, V4 1/2, 8 inches tall, nice color, this is continous corn.


Planted 4/30, V4 1/2, 35,000 final stand, 94% NEPS

May 28, 2013

ROSCOE, SOUTH DAKOTA (May 24, 2013) — AgVenture Scherr’s Seed has named Blake Ketterling of Aberdeen, South Dakota as Transportation Manager for the locally owned and operated Regional Seed Company.

AgVenture Scherr’s Seed owner Steve Scherr said, “Blake has a very important role for us. Timely distribution is key to every farmer’s business every year, and especially in a year like this one. Blake has a great knowledge of the area, having been born and raised here. His ten years of trucking experience help make him very good at delivery and follow-through. His willingness to work hard, his eagerness to learn and his enthusiasm for our customers and products will serve us well. We’re pleased to bring him on board.”

Ketterling is responsible for trucking duties including picking up and delivering seed to warehouses and directly to customers. He said, “This is the best job I have ever had. The entire staff works together for the good of the customers. We are always working to learn more and do a better job. I really enjoy my time visiting with customers and listening to their needs and experiences. In addition, the entire Scherr’s staff is very supportive of their customers – not just at delivery time, but throughout the year. It is a great place to work.”

Ketterling a native of Aberdeen grew up on a dairy farm there. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live there now with their three children.

May 24, 2013

ROSCOE, SOUTH DAKOTA (May 21, 2013) — AgVenture Scherr’s Seed, a Roscoe-based independently owned and operated Regional Seed Company has added two key personnel to their growing seed company. Scherr‘s Seed President, Steve Scherr. “We have seen tremendous growth in our company. It is greatly due to the outstanding seed products we are able to offer our customers, and to our customers’ appreciation for the year-round professional seed support we provide them. Across the Dakotas, our customers are putting these hard-working hybrids and varieties to work in their fields. They are adopting them at a rapid clip.”

“We are a family business,” Scherr said. “It is a great pleasure for me to welcome my son-in-law, Cody Wesch, as ProfiZone™ Specialist and Financial Manager, and my daughter, Sarah Wesch, as Soybean Coordinator. Our family’s presence in this operation emphasizes the way we do business. We are part of the farming community and focused on helping our customers increase their profitability for their families.”

Cody Wesch, a native of Torrington, Wyoming, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a minor in Finance from Presentation College in Aberdeen. As Financial Manager, he will manage the company’s finances and financial procedures. His role as ProfiZone Specialist entails working directly with customers in the intensive cropping management program.

Wesch said, “ProfiZone truly offers our customers a unique approach to achieve higher yields. We bring some new focus to raising high-yielding crops, helping customers make more out of the ground they are farming. We start with the soil and taking better care of that major component in a cropping system. We help them map, test, manage, and adapt to make exciting gains in yield and overall profitability. The system is really catching on across the area and is having a very powerful impact.” He added, “We have an exceptional team of professionals in this company. I’m very proud to be part of AgVenture Scherr’s Seed and part of the family business.”

Sarah Wesch, serving as Soybean Coordinator will manage tracking soybean shipments and product availability, and provide additional organization to daily functions of the business. In addition, she is the company’s ProfiZone™ secretary. She said, “I’m really enjoying this fast-paced, exciting work environment. Everyone here cares about our customers and works hard to get things right. I really enjoy supporting our entire team. We have great people who work here and our products are doing their part to help increase profitability on every customer’s farm.”

Sarah attended Presentation College. She and her husband, Cody, live on a farm outside of Roscoe.

May 23, 2013

ROSCOE, SOUTH DAKOTA (May 16, 2013) — AgVenture Scherr’s Seed has hired Garrett Hartwell to serve farmers across the Aberdeen area as a District Sales Manager.

Scherr‘s Seed President, Steve Scherr. “We are very pleased to bring Garrett to our team. He is a dedicated professional who is committed to working directly with his customers. He has really embraced our thorough approach to supporting our customers throughout the year. We equip each of our team members with a unique set of tools and techniques that help our customers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and improve overall profitability across the farm. With access to our outstanding seed products and with Garrett’s support in the field, his customers stand to gain greater profitability from every acre.”

Hartwell is an experienced agriculturalist having spent nearly a decade working for one of the top seedstock beef operations in the country. He gained both knowledge and experience working in management roles and working with customers. He has brought his passion for the cattle business home to the Aberdeen area where he maintains a 250 head cow herd.

Hartwell said, “Just as a farmer’s seed must be adapted to its environment, Scherr’s Seed understands that its seed professionals must also fully know and understand the customers they work with. I know cattle and cattlemen. Through AgVenture Scherr’s Seed, I’ve been exposed to the best and brightest people and unique concepts for maximizing crop production. I look forward to supporting my customers in achieving outstanding yields and profits. I am here to help make a positive difference and this is a great way to combine skills and experience to do so.”

AgVenture Scherr’s Seed has gained a great deal of positive attention over the past few years due to the implementation of their ProfiZone™ program. Steve Scherr said, “ProfiZone is an intensive cropping management program. It is highly focused on yield and supports and sustains higher yields by helping our customers make better decision, effectively measure progress and improve their overall management practices. That results in more profit per acre. It has been very effective across the region. Garrett will be instrumental putting those tools to work for customers in the Aberdeen area.”

Hartwell, originally from Oakland, Nebraska attended Northeast Community College in Norfork. He and his wife, Kari, have three children Ashlinn, Cooper and Parker. They reside near Aberdeen.

May 22, 2013

CLARKSDALE, MS / KENTLAND, IN (May 21, 2013) – AgVenture Mid-South, Clarksdale, Mississippi, has announced that their 2013 Summer Profit Workshop will be held July 16th at Clarksdale. The fourth annual event is expected to draw nearly one hundred and fifty of the Mid-South’s top farmers for a day of intensive learning, programs and field tours.

AgVenture Mid-South Owner, Terry Dulaney said, “We put a great deal of effort into this event. It is critical that our customers have not only outstanding seed products, but that they are supported in the latest production and management techniques to maximize yield and profitability.”

Charlie Robinette, AgVenture Mid-South General Manager said the event will provide customers with a series of break-out session, allowing them to learn from experts in the many aspects of Mid-South corn and soybean production. “Our speakers will present to smaller groups of individuals, allowing customers to interact and ask specific questions. Our goal is to help our customers take a closer look at the agronomics and economics, and to learn how our innovative and practical management techniques can dramatically improve their yield and profitability acre by acre.”

Many of the company’s customers are reaching unprecedented yield goals. Robinette reports that several customers broke the 300 bushel per acre corn barrier in 2012. “These customers’ success is thanks to their participation in AgVenture Mid-South’s Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) and ProfiZone™ programs.”

MPS is innovative approach to helping growers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and advance profitability. Highly predicated on yield, ProfiZone is an intensive cropping management program that allows growers to make better decisions, effectively measure progress and improve management practices. He added, “Those committed to these programs are truly producing higher yields and more profit per acre. Yield drives our management goals. Soil type, soil fertility, tissue sampling and yield data are part of a comprehensive system that help refine what’s required to best achieve new goals.”

Dulaney concluded, “Our customers come to this workshop ready to learn. We are very pleased to provide them with access to the latest adapted seed genetics and technologies on the market, and with year-round support from our AgVenture Yield Specialists across the region. This event will punctuate our commitment to every customer’s profitability.”

For more information on the Summer Profit Workshop, visit or call 662-627-7060.AgVenture Mid-South announces date for Summer Profit Workshop

May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013 - Submitted by Warren McDonald, from AgVenture Gray's Seed, Fairland, Indiana

Evaluating even emergence timing.  This photo shows what a floating row cleaner will do by moving all of the clods out of the row and placing the seed in an evenly planted environment, even in less than optimum field conditions following tillage where the ground was worked too deep causing a floating row cleaner to furrow a little.  This field emerged within 12 hours of all seedlings.

Deer Damage... factors beyond our control.  These two deer trampled about 30% of a row for 1/8 of mile

May 20, 2013

CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI/ KENTLAND, INDIANA (May 13, 2013) — Strong product performance across the region has led to strong demand for AgVenture® brand seed products, and for the professional seed support that accompanies each and every sale. That’s according to AgVenture Mid-South Owner and General Manager, Terry Dulaney. “In response to growing demand in Northeast Louisiana, we are very pleased to welcome Dustin to our team.”

Parker joins the company as an AgVenture Yield Specialist. He has a strong agronomy background, most recently, having worked in the vegetation management field. Prior that he put his skills to use as facility manager and head grounds keeper at Louisiana State University (LSU). Originally from Sikes, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness and a Master’s Degree in Agronomy from LSU. He has specific experience in soil fertility and has worked in agronomy sales and service as well.

Working with AgVenture Mid-South is an ideal situation for me,” said Parker. “It allows me a heavy concentration on the science behind growing crops better and maximizing profitability. I believe in forging strong relationships with my customers. This approach is allows me to directly contribute to my customers’ success. I look forward to supporting Northeast Louisiana growers.”

Dulaney continued, “Our commitment is first and foremost to our customers. We work hard to assure that each of our customers is supported by seed professionals who thoroughly understand the latest seed genetic and technology combinations offered in our seed product line up. In addition, our AYS professionals help our customers define, set and achieve new goals for profitability. Dustin will be a great asset to our customers.”

AgVenture Mid-South participates in AgVenture’s Maximum Profit System™ (MPS), an innovative approach to helping growers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel and advance profitability. Parker said, “These tools and techniques are practical. They take into account the entire growing environment – from the seed selected to the crop inputs, to management practices, etc. Our customers have access to the seed and the support that brings more profitability to every field. I look forward to delivering value through solid service to every customer.”

May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013 - Submitted by Aronomy Team, pictures from SE Missouri

By slowing down and checking your depth you can change the first stand picture to the second and gain much larger yields overall. 


More consistent plants = more full ears = more profit!