Farm Data That Makes A Difference

Using Precision Data to Raise Yields

Every year, we track data on our fields and soil types, looking at factors like population, fertilizer and nitrogen applications. In the winter when we do our planning, we look at the results from the previous season and compile them with data from past years. I sit down with the AgVenture team and look at the issues we know affected us.

AgVenture's ProfiZone on Today in America TV Series

Today in America is a TV series that informs viewers on a variety of topics, trends and relevant issues impacting our nation and the world.

Recently, they featured AgVenture’s ProfiZone, an advanced crop management system that provides farmers with a variety of precision farming tools focused on maximizing their high potential yield areas. 

This segment was filmed on location in South Dakota, at AgVenture’s Regional Seed Company – Scherr’s Seed.

AgVenture Scherr’s Seed fortifies the core team

ROSCOE, SOUTH DAKOTA (May 21, 2013) — AgVenture Scherr’s Seed, a Roscoe-based independently owned and operated Regional Seed Company has added two key personnel to their growing seed company. Scherr‘s Seed President, Steve Scherr. “We have seen tremendous growth in our company. It is greatly due to the outstanding seed products we are able to offer our customers, and to our customers’ appreciation for the year-round professional seed support we provide them. Across the Dakotas, our customers are putting these hard-working hybrids and varieties to work in their fields.

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