Growing a Grain and Cow Operation Side by Side

Harvest this year seems to drag on and on and on. But in defense of the harvest, being late with our corn crops has a lot to do with it. With being hailed out and having so much replant, it made a big delay in the operation. I think we did rather well for having to replant. We ended up with anywhere from a 40–50 bushel up to 180. It was just all over the board, but I’m pleased.

Manage Your Nitrogen – Once, Twice, Three Times a Season

A key component of the Maximum Profit System is knowing that your crop has nitrogen needs to be met during early, mid and late seasons. Nitrogen shouldn't be applied all at once, but rather through a minimum of three separate applications of three different forms. By utilizing a good nitrogen management program, you prepare your field to reach maximum yields.

There are multiple forms of nitrogen available, including:

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