Who's Helping You on Your Journey? A Thank You to My Mentors Along the Way.

I can’t believe it’s already July! This has to be one of the fastest summers I have ever had. I have been taking in every possible experience I can, as well asking my AYS millions of questions. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement and now taking time to reflect there are some very important people who helped me get to where I am today.

Maximizing Your Farm's Potential: Chuck Schneider explains the RSC difference

Chuck Schneider brings business development, leadership and marketing support to the AgVenture Regional Seed Companies (RSC) in the eastern U.S. He directs strategic growth initiatives and recruits new seed companies into the AgVenture national network.

5 Questions with Dave Treinen: AgVenture Leadership

Dave Treinen is AgVenture’s General Manager, with 24 years of experience dedicated to the seed industry. His leadership skills provide AgVenture with planning, development, establishment and deployment of effective strategies and objectives. We caught up with Dave to discuss the AgVenture model and how it serves farmers at every level.

Planting with a New AYS

We’re right in the middle of planting out here, and so far things are going well. I’ve been working with a new AYS, Colt Halloran, in addition to Mike Davis and Brian Maxwell. Colt and Mike came out to my farm on our third day of planting corn and walked behind the planter, checking seed depth and spacing. They said I was a bit too eager, and the ground was a bit too tacky to plant.

AgVenture of Nebraska grows, welcomes AgVenture Yield Specialist Clinton Griess

KENTLAND, INDIANA (May 7, 2015) Hampton, Nebraska’s Clinton Griess is putting his agronomic and seed experience to work for AgVenture of Nebraska (AVN) Seed Partners. Griess will provide professional seed services and access to AgVenture® brand seed products to area farmers as an AgVenture Yield Specialist.

Central Iowa’s AgVenture GroMor grows again – welcomes Nick Davenport as AgVenture Yield Specialist

KENTLAND, INDIANA (May 6, 2015) — True to their name, one of central Iowa’s newest independently owned and operated regional seed companies, AgVenture GroMor is growing again. The company’s General Manager, Jim Groepper, based in Ames, says, “Growing is a great feeling in our business. Helping our customers grow yields and profitability is what’s driving our additional growth.”

Working With a New AYS On Cropping Plans

Mother nature ain’t letting us go to the fields, but that’s par for the course at this time. Right now it’s raining and cold at 34°, and everything’s wet and it’s supposed to get down to the 20s the next couple of nights. So we’re staying busy working on equipment in the shop. We’re also getting some seed corn delivered soon, so we’re working at a nice pace.


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