150 bushel Soybeans

Getting "More Than" from "Less Than" Ground: Part 1

We all know how hard it can be to get “more than” from “less than ground.

AgVenture’s, Jeff Shaner interviewed two farmers that have dealt with their share of challenging ground. In these interviews he digs deeper into the challenges they faced and still outperformed their acres in 2016.

Nathan Beard

Nathan Beard of western Illinois works with AgVenture Yield Specialist Matt Davis of AgVenture D&M. Nathan is on a serious upswing in productivity with an eye towards maximum profit.

Mid-South farmers challenged, inspired: Workshop focuses on growing 150 bushel soybeans

CLARKSDALE, MS/KENTLAND, INDIANA (March 12, 2013) — Mid-South farmers are well equipped to advance their soybean crop productivity and profitability, but getting that job done will require some extra effort. That was the message recently heard by dozens of customers of Dulaney Seed.

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