“Starting the Late Summer Pickup”

Around the Farm

We’ve just been doing work work, work, work lately. At this point, it’s just the late summer pickup, and we’re cleaning things up before fall starts. Of course we’re also taking care of the cows and getting the combine ready. We’re trying to sell about 40 head of cattle. Eat more beef, because we need the cattle market to go up.

We also finally reshingled and resided the house from the storm from last year. The garage roof needed to be replaced as well, so we did that. So that was a big project, but kind of an odd one.

But our next project on the farm is chopping corn for silage. That’s what we’re shooting for next. We can harvest silage when it’s still green, but that corn will be black layered next week, so we’re ready to go. It’s quite the process; it’s a lot of material you have to go through, but it produces a lot of cow feed. I don’t know how many tons to the acre we’re going to average, but I’ve heard reports of one guy getting 25 tons to the acre of silage. So that’s really good.

Preparing for Harvest

I’m not sure when we’ll get around to harvest, but we’ll probably know better once we start chopping. We’re still really green. We’ve got a lot of guys around us who sprayed one application of fungicide; they’re green in the middle and dying on top and bottom now. But between Denny and my son, they both said we should spray again. This year we sprayed early and then maybe the third week in August. But I’m just looking across my field right now, and we’re totally green.

Overall our corn is looking pretty good here. We did some preliminary yield checks, and it’s scary good. It’s so scary good that I don’t even want to repeat what the guys are telling me — it’ll jinx us for sure. There will still be wet spots and spots that don’t produce as well that’ll bring our yield down, but overall it looks to be really good. But then, there’s a lot of good-looking corn around the whole country.

The beans are also looking good. But beans have to be one of the hardest things ever. I’ve been on beans on different years, and even at harvest time, I’ve thought, “Boy, these beans are going to yield great — they’re 4-foot tall with pods all up and down them.” And combines go out and you see it’s a lie. Then I’ve come to another field and think it’ll put up a miserable yield, and we’ll end up with 52-bushel to the acre. Beans are like that though.

Keeping a Healthy Crop with AgVenture

In our area, we’ve had some neighbors who bought from the competition, and they’ve said, “Oh, we don’t have to spray our fields because ours are disease resistant.” Well, today those fields are totally brown. And you ask them why, and they say their corn’s matured, but one look in their field, and you’ll see Northern Corn Blight, Gray Leaf Spot, Rust — the works. And they’ll say, “Well that happened after we matured.” Yeah, okay, sure. Should have gone with a better product.