Every Kernel, Every Bean Counts

You’ve heard of bean counters, but why not be a kernel counter too? Yield losses add up quickly. Every bean, every kernel contributes to your profitability. Careful combine adjustments ahead of harvest can help you could protect 1-5% of your crop that otherwise could end up on the ground. Conduct a thorough inspection of combines, updating any hardware, software or mechanical necessities. Once up and running, take it for a spin. To determine losses due to header settings, stop the combine in the field, back up a couple of feet, and with the header raised, check for kernel shatter. At the back of the combine, just 2-3 kernels per square foot or 4 soybeans per square foot add up to considerable losses over many acres. Consider a 2000 acre farm. Simple calculation proves there’s money to be made by taking the time to adjust the combine effectively. Be a bean and kernel counter!