Nebraska Planting Going Smoothly

We’re in the middle of a bit of a wet spell right now so we’re in the shop today. We’re about on day three of rain — we’ve probably only gotten 3/4” total, but it’s enough to slow us down. But planting is going well. We got our corn finished up and planted on the 3rd, and it went fairly well. I think we planted about 4,000 acres, but I didn’t count exactly. But we’re off to a good start and things are coming along. We’re working on repairing our soybean drill now, and we’ll head out to plant those once the sun comes out.

About the third day of planting, my AgVenture Yield Specialist Jeremy was out on our farm, and we’ve talked several times since then as well. And our agronomist Jerry Hartsock was in the area, so he stopped by, and I talked to him for the afternoon. Mainly we were looking at seed placement and just talking about how best we could get the seed placed in the best environment that we could. So they were just looking at those and making any small little changes we could to make it better.

The AgVenture Discovery Group session this spring was interesting. We came together to talk strategies for nitrogen, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Currently our variable rate irrigation program is on hold. We had a little bit of trouble with the individual I was using with that program, so we’re in the process of getting that switched over to a new gentleman who will help us with our prescriptions moving forward. But we’re recovering from that and we’ll get back on track soon.

But right now we’re focusing on the 1,500 acres of beans that will be planted next. We have about four days of bean planting from start to finish, and then we’ll be done.

Making the planter smile.

Discovery group members don't brag to each other about acres covered, it is who can drive the slowest. We send pics of our current speed.

Seven-year-old Anna running the planter.