Jackson Webb: The Farm Bill and Finding Labor

The Farm Bill

Last time we talked, I hadn’t made a decision on the farm bill. But now I think I made the right decision today. It may be the wrong decision 30 days from now or six months from now, but the only thing I can do is base it off of what things looked like this year. I went with ARC, and we were able to reallocate our base acres. A lot of my acres before were cotton, which switched me into the generic base. I picked up some corn acres, picked up some bean acres, and I went with ARC, and I hope it’s the right thing. But government payments for me are one of those things that you can’t ever count on anyway.

The only people I know who are doing PLC are rice farmers down here. They’ve got almost a whole base of cotton, they’re betting on a really good deal.

Waiting to Plant

While we’re waiting on things to warm up for planting, we have run out of so many things to do, we have actually started working on combines. It’s three months worth of shop work, but we’ve started looking for stuff to do. Labor’s got to eat too, so give them something to do on combines.

I did finally end up finding someone to hire for my operation. I ran through three of them, but this guy is going to be really good — he’s been here two weeks so far, and he’s working out real well. He actually came to me from another farm. The guy he was working for said, “Look, I can keep you til March 1, but after that I’m going to have to let you go.” So he came to me shortly thereafter. And with that, we have all the people we need for the season, which is a huge relief.