Trait Talk Agrisure Viptera® Receives Approval

AgVenture Product & TechnologyBusiness Manager, Jeanne Storey discusses Chinese import approval of MIR162 event.

Chinese import approval of the MIR162 event brings a sigh of relief from farmers, seed companies, trait providers and grain handlers. Since 2011, the event known as Agrisure Viptera®, has been recognized as a valuable trait offering control of a broad spectrum of lepidopteran corn pests. This lessens the occurrence of damaging mycotoxins, including aflatoxins, for improved  grain quality. China began rejecting shipments of corn that carried traces of Viptera in early 2014, causing hardship on all parties in the grain channel.

Now that China has approved import of the Viptera trait, we can all rest easy knowing that U.S. corn production will be improved by the use of the Viptera trait with no issues surrounding grain marketing. AgVenture currently has products with both Viptera® 3110 and Viptera® 3111 in the trait portfolio and will be adding other offerings that include the valuable broad lep trait in the near future.