Lessons Learned in the Delta

I would say the biggest thing I learned this season was not anything that helped me this year, but all the stuff that hurt me that I did wrong.

I decided that I’ll never plant anything flat again. We’re going to row up every single acre. We did it again this year and lo and behold, it’s the best stand we’ve ever had.

We had little pockets of water — the little mud puddles in the field that you can go out and cure it with a shovel or a hoe — but all those little bitty pockets affected our stand, where it still cut 200, but it could have cut 250. I guess you learn something every year, but this year was kind of a reminder of how important drainage is early on.

Next year we’re also going to start doing our P and K in liquid form. The liquid version will make nutrients readily available to the plant. With our soils, the nutrients are there, but they’re just readily available to the plant. We’re learning more and more about it every day. We’re working with a company in Monroe, Louisiana that specializes in it. And there’s about six of us who are trying it out. So we’ll see what comes of that.