Comparing Hybrid Maturities

From AgVenture's Seeds for Success Agronomy Update, December 2014

AgVenture offers growers an exceptionally deep, locally adapted corn hybrid product lineup. As you summarize harvest data for 2014 and solidify cropping plans for 2015, AgVenture’s Dr. Keith Campbell says, “Regarding corn maturities, growers should be aware that corn can adjust its growth and development. Fewer growing degree units (GDUs) may be required to reach maturity when planted on different dates. For instance, when spring planting that begins in early May and is delayed by weather for 2-3 weeks, growers may only note a 4-5 day difference in silking.”

Campbell adds, “We encourage customers to talk with their AgVenture Yield Specialist about your area of adaptation to best define how a new corn hybrid suits your area. Those earlier silking corn products are more likely to adapt to higher elevations and move north of their adapted zones. But if pushed too far north or higher in elevation, there’s a risk that later silking corn hybrids may not reach physiological maturity before frost. Hybrids pushed too far north of their area of adaptation also risk missing the ideal R stage crop development window.” (Source: AgVenture and DuPont Pioneer graphic)