Halfway Through Harvest in Nebraska

September 20th was the day we started rolling on harvest, which is just a little later than usual. But we're getting close to being halfway done now, and we’re doing well. Our beans are wrapped up and we're working our way through the corn. And our yields are looking good so far. Our beans, for the most part are looking just a little better than anticipated. The corn is about 10–15 percent better than anticipated. So it's going well.

I haven't gotten to my VRI fields yet, but I think for the June and August we had, our yields there may not show up as differently as they would otherwise. We did a fair amount of irrigation in July, but overall it was a light irrigation year.

We’ve also had good weather, despite a few early freezes — one on Sept. 24, and then a bit harder one on Oct. 10. We really felt going into harvest that we would be dealing with some wet weather, but our warm temperatures came back after we had an early freeze, and our grain moisture has been coming down fairly quickly now due to the warm temperatures.

So other than getting harvest underway, we've just been keeping the operation moving and efficient. We're taking a look at some of the input prices and the price of grain going forward. The $3 corn certainly has got everybody on their toes. I think it was bound to happen—you can't have $7 corn without following it with something lower. And unfortunately, I foresee it getting worse before it gets better.

I don't know yet how the market will affect our plans for next year, but my gut feeling says beans over corn for 2015. But I need to take more time to look at the economics of it and factor in this year's profitability of corn versus soybeans and project that going forward. So at this point I'm not saying I'm going to make any change yet.

But in the meantime, we’re all about harvest. In the next few days, I'm looking forward to harvesting some of my better ground and seeing what the monitor will show when I move on to the good stuff.