Comeback Corn—Harvest is Beginning on Replant Crops

Today’s the day—we’re getting the combine ready to start cutting corn and beans. We just got our chopping done on about 50 acres of corn silage for our cattle, and we're ready to start harvesting the rest.

In my neighborhood, I'm probably a little bit behind some of these guys, but beans don't take very long to cut once you start going (if you don't have any trouble). You're taking such a wide swath, and there's just not near as much product compared to corn. There’s about a third less grain to haul to the bins, so our soybeans will be short, hopefully.

And on our corn, some of our later stuff is coming to black layer, so I'm feeling like we might be all right, as long as we can keep the three- and four-letter words away from us—one starts with “I” and one starts with “S.”

We did just have a decent frost here about two weeks ago Saturday, which might have killed the beans. It didn't look like it hit a lot of the corn yet on the higher spots, but on the lower spots it did. But the beans I think are pretty well dead. And I think within the next week there won't be any green stems even left in the beans. And that makes a big difference. Yesterday morning, for instance, my neighbor was cutting beans at 8:30 in the morning. And I've seen some running as late as midnight last night.

As for yields, I think they’re going to be pretty decent. One of my neighbors was in the same spot I was in terms of replanting beans, and he was telling me he had some spots that were 40 bushels per acre and some in other spots that were 55. So maybe we’ll get a 50-bushel average on replant beans. If you would have told me that last June, I would have said you're goofy.

Outside of harvest, we’ve also been busy lately with just a lot of things. My son got married recently, which was exciting. And we've been getting our cattle operation moving forward a little more all the time. We have got our new barn about half full of cows and they'll start calving here in about three weeks. All good things.