AgVenture McKillip Seeds holds educational Field Day

KENTLAND, INDIANA (September 8, 2014) — More than 300 producers from across northeast Indiana and western Ohio recently gathered in Wabash, Indiana for AgVenture McKillip Seeds’ annual educational Field Day event. Producers participated in educational forums with several notable speakers.

AgVenture McKillip Seeds President, Mike McKillip opened the day’s activities. “It was great to have so many people in attendance, especially given the weather. We have worked hard to support our customers and are committed to their success. This Field Day event allowed us to share with our customers the latest tools and techniques in agronomics. We were able to showcase some of the new, exciting products coming for the year ahead, and to talk about how these locally adapted products are helping customers maximize yields and profitability.”

AgVenture McKillip Seeds Sales and Marketing Manager, Mitch Snyder said, “Our goal with our annual Field Day event is three fold; appreciation, sharing knowledge, and managing for higher profitability. As a family business, we appreciate each customer and the generations of loyalty they give us. As a company, our team members are constantly learning and observing challenges in the field and the solutions our management techniques and products offer. As fellow farmers, we are committed to sharing these products and production practices that yield more and improve our customers’ production and profitability.”

Snyder said presenting at the Field Day was Jerry Hartsock, owner of Cutting Edge Consulting, Geneseo, Illinois lead the Maximum Profit System™ session focusing on high-yield strategies. Participants learned about agronomic strategies including residue management and planting tactics, fertilization management, fungicide strategies for disease and stress management, and active weed control in corn and soybeans. Dr. Mark Jacques, AgVenture Corn Product Manager focused on new corn genetics and their fit in our customers’ operations. He offered insights on emerging technologies and relative performance those technologies may bring to producers’ bottom line. Jeff Shaner, AgVenture Soybean Product Manager described the lifecycle of AgVenture brand soybeans from breeding through product selection at AVI, and locally at McKillip Seeds. Shaner also discussed new soybean technologies and the anticipated release of new products in the soybean product pipeline. The Field Day also offered growers an opportunity to gain Pesticide Applicator Recertification Program credits.

McKillip noted that the locally owned and operated regional seed company is celebrating 80 years in the seed business. “Many of our customers attending are second and third generation customers. We are proud to have such a sustained, positive relationship with every one of them. It is humbling and remarkable to be able to contribute over time and through generations to our customers’ productivity.”