Harvest Brings High Yields in the Delta

These last few weeks we’ve been really busy with harvest. I’m tired. And my wife started back teaching, so yeah, it’s been an adjustment. We’re over halfway done with our corn, and we started cutting beans this week. We’ll have the rest wrapped up by October 1st at the latest.

I’m lucky. We use a propane drier to dry our corn — we’ve had ours for 20 years —but most people down here don’t have them.

For people who don’t have one, they just sit back and wait. And those guys are just now starting to get into harvest because the moisture has just been hanging. Most of my neighbors actually have beans that are ready, and they’re still waiting on the corn to dry out.

Sandy Soil, High Yields

This entire season has been awesome, but that early moisture we got really affected the yields on our heavier ground. I don’t think anyone would have thought it — including Wayne, but on our heavier ground (our clay type, buckshot soils), the early rain really hurt. On the sandier dirt, the yields are phenomenal. For instance, a neighbor of mine had cut 240-250 bushel across a whole cornfield, but on the heavy soil he was cutting 130. And he planted the same day, same variety, and it was half what the other corn was. Just because of the soil type.

On average, my heavier ground was 80-90 bushels less than the lighter, sandier dirt. But the yields on my dryland did about 200. And the irrigated is a lot better than that. I’m really disappointed in the heavier ground. It just produced a small, stunted plant with a 6-inch ear. It was just too much water too early.

But the sandier, lighter dirt corn is phenomenal if you didn’t water. If you stuck with the plan as far as fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide and all that stuff, you’re cutting a 200-bushel crop. Down here, we usually average about 120-130, so that’s unheard of.

Overall, everything is good. The general consensus is everybody’s got a good crop. Everyone down here is cutting something — corn, beans, rice. We’re looking forward to wrapping up harvest.