AVN Seeds welcomes hundreds of Nebraska farmers to Field Days

SUTTON, NE / KENTLAND, IN (August 25, 2014) – More than six hundred crop producers from across southern Nebraska recently participated series of AgVenture of Nebraska Seeds Partners (AVN) Field Days. A total of four events were held showcasing the latest corn and soybean seed genetics and technologies, and providing customers with information and fellowship. Events were held at AVN locations at Minden, Sutton, Wood River and Ashland, Nebraska.

AVN Partner Dennis Kenyon said, “We were pleased to welcome so many customers through the four Field Day events. There is still no substitute for evaluating crop characteristics in the field, onsite, and in an environment similar to your own growing conditions. These Field Days provided our customers with the opportunity to see and discuss the many merits of our deep product portfolio.”

Throughout the Field Day series, AVN team members Jeremy McCroden, Ryan Gannon and Dustin Schwenka led discussions at the plots highlighting the merits of several cutting-edge hybrids and varieties new to the product line up this year. McCroden said, “We are excited about how these products are performing and what new options they offer customers in terms of overall plant health and ability to yield under specific Nebraska growing environments. Together with the right insect and disease resistance packages and careful management practices, we are helping our customers reach new yield goals and improve their profitability across their operations.”

AVN Partner Tim Weeces added, “The team we have here has done their job extremely well; reaching our customers with outstanding adapted seed products, and helping them get the most out of ever bag of seed. Our customers across an expanding geography have had improved profitability as a result. That’s what this company is all about.”

Recently AgVenture, Inc. General Manager Dave Trienen praised AVN’s team members. “AVN has continued to grow with great momentum. They are now among the fastest growing and the largest independent regional seed companies in our network and in the country.”

Kenyon said, “We founded this company fourteen years ago with very humble beginnings. Today, we have some of the sharpest, most focused seed professionals in the industry working hard for our customers and our business. Looking at the map, our reach has expanded to five states. Our team works hard for their customers, putting great seed products to work on their farms.”