Updates from Nebraska

Things around here have been interesting. There’s been a lot of rough weather, though luckily we’ve been very fortunate with rain. It seems like every time a cloud comes up, hail comes out of it. There have been a lot of tornadoes and a lot of high winds.

But with all of that, we have been doing pretty well. We’ve had a little green snap and hail damage but nothing severe. It could be a lot worse. The adjustors found yield-decreasing losses on virtually every field, but it's just part of it. Every bag of corn has potential for 500 bushels an acre, and every day you take bushels off because of bugs, weather, emergence, whatever.

But with water, we’re doing great. The water allocations this year were at 10½ acre inches, and we would have to pump water pretty hard to go over that now. So this year, water won't be a yield-limiting factor. In fact, we have wells in a different district that we haven’t even turned on yet. It's a good year if you can make it to the 4th of July without irrigating. And we made it way past that.

Corn Prices

One thing that does have me worried now are corn prices. Apparently there is a lot of corn in the country, because the price of corn is heading south pretty fast. It’s about half of what we were looking at just recently. Soybeans are falling also. It’s just looking sunny and rosy all over the place.

Discovery Group

But we’re just out there trying to make the most of it. Coming up soon, we’re hosting a Discovery Group session at my place. There’s supposed to be around 12 members in the group, and we’ll be discussing what everyone has going on for a research project.

We’re also doing a factory tour at the Reinke facility in Deshler. Then I allotted time to have an irrigation technology specialists come in and talk to the group individually about what Reinke is doing and what’s coming down the pipeline. We’ll have an open discussion about what's needed and what's out there.

We also have Melissa Pierce with CropMetrics to come in and talk about what we are doing with our soil probes. I think that’s something that for the group could be expanded on. I think there is an asset in knowing what is going on with a soil profile.

So there’s good and bad. We’ll see what the rest of the season has in store.