Discovery Group

Not too long ago, Jeremy nominated me for the AgVenture Discovery Group, and it was through that work that we started doing learning blocks. Then quickly we were working together to come up with a lot of maps, throwing a lot of learning blocks out there and researching things that way.

As far as insights, two years ago, after our first go-round with learning blocks, we saw no dampening off from higher populations or nitrogen. In other words, the higher population blocks saw a linear correlation to increased yield. And the same thing with nitrogen—we saw an increased yield.

So after the second year, we bumped the populations a little bit more, both on our whole fields and the learning blocks. We finally started seeing some dampening off, which is what we're looking for to start honing in on the number. But we still didn't see any comedown from the nitrogen's perspective. We were still seeing an economical return on higher nitrogen application. So we’re continuing to push that higher. And not only to push higher, but to push it higher in different forms, and that's where we’re putting a lot of our efforts.