In Season Scouting Update

June 9, 2014, Submitted by Jerry Hartsock of Cutting Edge Research and Consulting.

Have had several inquiries as to “striping” in the leaves of corn plants.  Here are my explanations as to why it is happening in order of hierarchy:

  1. Lack luster below ground root development tied to very active above ground growth and leaf development.
  2. Zn, S, Mn, Mg, B deficiency
  3. Poor lateral root development/lack of root hairs
  4. Possibly a trait of the hybrid
  5. Herbicide symptoms

Here’s where I am NOT seeing this occur or minimal occurrence:

  1. 2” final depth or greater
  2. Starter fertilizer with micros
  3. Safe herbicides
  4. Met early season nitrogen needs
  5. Good below ground

In general I believe the crop looks very good with maybe nothing looking perfect but also virtually no train wrecks.  In a perfect world I wish I had 1,000 – 2,000 more plants /acre which either were not planted, did not germinate or wrapped up underground. 

Keep up the good work and diligence of looking!