Hitch Pin Award Recipient - Bill Hoben

We would like to congratulate Bill Hoben on his recently being awarded the "Hitch Pin Award".  The plaque on the award reads: "For unwavering determination, through all of the big and little things you do to help the company and our customers win!" 

The Hitch Pin Award is awarded to those that have demonstrated high dedication, determination and teamwork to provide solutions and manage through adversity.

Bill has effectively and professionally managed our production and supply chain function through some very challenging issues over the past 5 years.  He has patiently worked through difficult and complex situations with both internal PROaccess/Pioneer staff and more importantly with the AgVenture Regional Seed Companies.  Bill has established the trust and credibility of the AgVenture staff and the Regional Seed Company network.  Bill is the “go-to” guy when it comes to understanding seed quality and the potential impact on our company’s business.  He has handled himself with grace and high character through very challenging situations. 

Bill is a problem solver and works diligently to find workable solutions for all parties involved.  His understanding of seed production, quality, and distribution has proved to be invaluable to AgVenture.  Bill is a member of the AgVenture leadership team and contributes to the overall direction and strategy implementation for AgVenture, Inc. 

Bill effectively manages his team in Kentland through challenges.  He patiently takes the time to answer questions and train his team to be better equipped to handle adversity and recognize opportunities.   

During the 2014 selling season, Bill managed daily and late season production cuts.  Bill always found ways to find the positives in negative situations, keeping his focus on the AgVenture Regional Seed Companies. 

Again, congratulations to Bill and continue the great work!