Early Season in Nebraska

I was planning on starting my planting on the 15th of April, but because of the cold, dry conditions I dragged my feet and didn't start until the 21st. In the first three days we weren’t particularly productive, but in the last three days we finally started to hit our stride. Then the weather shut us down again.

A lot of the weather had me questioning my planting rotation this year as far as dryland versus irrigation in certain fields. We were just so desperately dry that I wondered if I had to change my rotation. I waited to plant some dryland until we received rain, and I did go ahead and eventually stick with my original rotation, and we've had rain since then.

One of the first goals that comes to mind is looking at a number of 300 and trying to get that across the whole field. Another goal is to try to get the number while trimming down on our costs — so looking at some more generic stuff, looking at some different sources for getting our micronutrients. And trying not to have any other expenses than what we need to. From the standpoint of having a $7 corn, if you can gain half a bushel on the crop, you hope it worked. With today's economics, we're taking things down and still trying to get what we were at before.

As far as strategy goes, we’re putting a lot of weight to our irrigation management. Some involuntary tests we had last year kind of showed that we were hurting ourselves with thorough irrigation versus what we thought was the right thing to do. We’re on our third year of doing some learning blocks with population and nitrogen, and so we’re trying to get honed into our ideal population and nitrogen rates.

And on a good note, prices now are nearly dollar higher than they were when we did our cash flows over the wintertime. So we're looking at a little bit of extra revenue that we weren't planning on. Hopefully, if we can stick to a budget, we'll have a better year than what we had shown on paper.